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Liquitec Phoenix Flame Sealers

The Liquitec Phoenix is the most advanced flame sealer with skiving and hemming ability in the world today. State of the art touch screen controls give the operator all the process information required to run high speed aseptic liquid packaging cartons to the most accurate tolerances achievable. The Phoenix is capable of running a wide range of carton sizes (from minis to 5 liter) incorporating the use of linear bearings, frictionless bearings and zero backlash adjusting screws for its carriers. All upper carriers are raised and lowered using air cylinders and linear bearings. Max belt speed is 750 m / min.

On the Phoenix, the skiver grates a 4mm. line down the side of the glue flap. The 70% of the thickness of this 4 mm. strip is evenly scraped off. The 4 mm. strip then folds down by 90°, taken into the vacuum hemming unit; folded back completely; goes into steel crush rollers and the hemmed panel (4,5 mm.) comes out of the rollers, sealed. When the carton goes to the main burners, the open flames are applied on the left and right side. The sealing is finalized, after the carton goes into the final fold section.

In these flame sealed containers, the liquid never comes into contact with the open carboard ( the sealing flap folded into the box ) and therefore there is no risk of the package being contaminated or saturated by the liquid inside. Depending on the quality and gramage of the board, this kind of container has a much longer shelf life, can hold long life milk, fruit juice, yoghurt, liquid detergent etc.

All Liquitec Phoenix Flame Sealers are tailor made projects, designed to meet specific production requirements of packaging producers and presented to the market through Liquitec (division of Gluer-Tec LLC) and Duran Machinery collaboration. For more information please contact GluerTec LLC through their website: