ProductsOMEGA Carton Bag Machine 145

OMEGA Carton Bag Machine 145

Omega Carton Bag Machine 145 is a revolutionary folder gluer designed especially for carton makers operating with standard printers and die-cutters for getting into the carton carrier bag business with only the Omega Carton Bag Machine investment, as well as specialist companies producing luxury carton carrier bags with manual operations.

The OCBM has a wide range of substrate (200 - 400 gsm) and sizes (400 - 1400 mm) which covers the most demanded carton carrier bags for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, jewelry, electronic and textile business sectors and produces self opening square bottom carton bags in a fully automated process. The product (carton carrier bag) comes out ready to be fitted with rope handles.

The machine is equipped with hot & cold glue application and consists of 5 sections including top and bottom reinforcement board insertion. The modularity of OCBM allows for each section to be purchased and operated independently or in synchronization as a complete system. It is also possible to upgrade the machine after purchase by adding the chosen modular sections.

Duran Machinery is pleased to announce their collaboration with Newlong Machine Works Ltd, Japan, a leading company in the global paper bag machinery industry since 1960. The Omega Carton Bag Machine is available as Newlong DRN Series Carton Bag Making Machine through Newlong Machine Works Ltd.

For inquiries from Turkey, Turkic countries, Russia and Americas please contact Duran Machinery. For inquiries from other countries in Europe and Asia please contact Newlong through their website: