Duran Machinery Art Collection brings out the most unique and special pieces of local and international contemporary art. Since 1970, with the extraordinary efforts of Duran Machinery Chairman Mr. Oktay Duran, the discent and noteworthy pieces of contemporary art are precisely brought together. The collection has the unique pieces of worldwide accompied Turkish masters, as Burhan Dogancay; international renown contemporary artists, as Damien Hirst, Gerard Caris; Turkish emerging talents, as Sencer Vardarman, Ayse Wilson and Burcu Percin.

Within a consistent alignment of past and present, young and old, renown and emerging, Duran Machinery Art Collection is a pattern collection within the cooporate collections.

Mr. Oktay Duran continues his individual efforts of supporting Turkish contemporary art, with the exhibitions organized and the representation of young artists at local and international art scene by located in Akaretler.